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Replacing missing teeth is a process that has come a long way. If you think of a partial denture (or bridge) as an expensive and fake looking option that takes a long time and a lot of effort, then you are in for an extremely pleasant surprise. Hanson Place Dental is pleased to offer flexible dentures, a choice that presents some impressive advantages over traditional partial dentures. And you can get flexible dentures here from our Boerum Hill dentist.

Dental Care 11201
Dental Care 11201

One drawback to traditional partial dentures is that they look very obvious. Yes, like with any dental restorative, they give you back a “full” looking mouth and help to prevent against your natural teeth shifting along with the discomfort and misaligned bite that it can cause. But with flexible dentures, you can have all of that and also a seamless cosmetic benefit. No one will know you have a denture because it looks so much like your natural teeth. If that were the only plus to offer, our Boerum Hill dentist would still be proud to recommend it, but there’s more. Because it is flexible, it is more comfortable in your mouth as it adjusts to the natural movements of your mouth. It is strong and durable too, so you can avoid the unnatural feel of typical partial dentures while not sacrificing any of the sturdiness that will give you full confidence in wearing it.

Unlike the old style partial dentures, flexible dentures do not require your surrounding teeth to be affected. There are no awkward metal clasps to deal with. Traditional fixed partials require that the teeth on either side be drilled down and crowns placed on them so that they can properly anchor it. Clasps are used for removable bridges. Flexible dentures need neither. Most patients find that they are able to speak and eat with surprising ease, especially compared to traditional partial dentures. And they are also more affordable than you might think for such an advanced technology. Just make an appointment to come in and see our Boerum Hill dentist and see if flexible dentures are right for you. Recapture your smile. We know you’ve missed having it.

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