Dental Implants in Brooklyn

Dental Implants in Brooklyn

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Dental implants restorations in Brooklyn

Having a missing tooth brings with it various difficulties. And with our dental implants in Brooklyn, you can replace one, several, or even all of the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Better still, you will be confident in the fact that they are 100% dependable and do not have any of the drawbacks that are associated with traditional bridges and dentures. Here at Hanson Place Dental, expert placement of implants is assured.

This advanced form of full-tooth restoration has been around for a lot longer than many people realize, but have only become massively popular in the 21st century. Advancements in technology have made them better and stronger, and the process for getting them easier and more comfortable. To start off with, you will come in for a consultation and examination. It’s important to undergo basic testing, including of your jaw bone. Its strength and thickness are key to the success of our dental implants in Brooklyn. The titanium post that replaces your old root needs your bone tissue to grow around and fuse with it. That takes a few months. Then you will have impressions taken for the fashioning of a tooth-colored crown. Cemented to the top of the post, you then have a complete new tooth. The root not only offers reliability for our dental implants in Brooklyn to remain secure and stable, but it preserves your facial contours and keeps your gum and bone tissue from atrophying. You can speak and chew without a care in the world. And there is no need for messy adhesives, nor any affect on your surrounding teeth. Your implant is completely independent. A state-of-the-art bridge or denture can also be supported by implants.

Why settle for an incomplete smile? Just reach out to our office and book an appointment.

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