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Are you constantly hesitating to smile due to the unsightly appearance of missing teeth causing gaps in your smile? Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem, but in fact present a serious health risk to the gum lines, teeth, and even the bones of your smile. Teeth that become lost due to disease and decay are more common than many of us realize. Fortunately, this need for care has allowed for more advanced and effective procedures to become available for smile restorations than ever before. However, this can also make it difficult to decide which is right for you. For the answers and oral health care you need to regain your smile, simply visit the experts at your local Downtown Brooklyn implant dentist at the offices of the Hanson Place Dental.

Downtown Brooklyn Dental Implant Restorations

Downtown Brooklyn Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are the most effective and advanced procedure for replacing missing teeth today. Unlike a dental bridge, this method of smile restoration does not harm any of the remaining teeth in your smile. By utilizing a titanium post placed directly into the bone of the jaw at the site of your missing tooth, your dental implant works to perfectly mimic the structure of your natural tooth. This post is left to heal for a period of four to six months in order for the jaw bone to grow around the post by your professional Downtown Brooklyn implant dentist, and is then finished with a beautiful custom-made dental crown to perfectly mimic the look of your natural smile.

However, despite their effectiveness, dental implants are not always an option for many of us due to the high price of treatment, as well as the painful healing and aftercare following the procedure. Dentures or prosthodontics can be crafted to treat missing teeth at a fraction of the cost of dental implants, and are able to be custom made to replace any number of missing teeth, be it a single missing tooth or an entire jaw. Fixed dentures, also known as a dental bridge, can work to permanently replace a missing tooth by your trusted Downtown Brooklyn implant dentist, at only a fraction of the cost of implants. As dental bridges are secured through the use of your surrounding teeth, no invasive surgery is needed to return your smile to a picture of perfect health.

The only way to find out which procedure is right for you is through a consultation with your neighborhood Downtown Brooklyn implant dentist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Hanson Dental Place have been proudly healing the smiles of your local community for over 36 years through the use of the latest advancements in dental technology and procedure. No matter what procedure you choose, you can be sure to receive a beautiful smile at the Hanson Dental Place.

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