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Fort Greene dental care

Fort Greene dental care

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums isn’t all that complicated, but it requires a commitment on your part. At Hanson Place Dental, we’re your partners in ensuring that you achieve the highest level of oral health possible. By coming in twice per year for a dental exam, you can avail yourself of our Fort Greene dental care, which includes a dental checkup, x-rays, periodontal exam, basic screening for oral cancer, an examination of your occlusion (or bite), and a thorough teeth cleaning. Certainly, we can’t do everything that’s necessary to good oral health in just two days out of the year. We highly recommend that you adhere to a nutritious diet that limits sugary foods and drinks. And you should brush and floss every day, preferably after every meal. By doing that, you set the stage for keeping your teeth and gums strong and in good condition.

A physical and visual inspection of your teeth will reveal any signs of loose teeth, loose fillings, or other issues that can be determined by the naked eye. X-rays give a much closer look at what’s going on inside and will show even small cavities. The key to battling the effects of tooth decay is to catch it before it advances. Today’s small cavity becomes tomorrow’s big one. And larger cavities are associated with greater likelihood for root canal infections or even tooth that are decayed so much that they need to be extracted. Avoiding such problems is a cornerstone of our Fort Greene dental care.

Your gums are just as important as your teeth, because if they become weakened from disease, they may cease to be a good foundation for your teeth and that can lead to your teeth becoming loose or even falling out. A periodontal examination can ferret out the signs of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. If not found and addressed at that point, gum disease will continue to progress and lead to periodontitis, the later stage. That puts your gum health at more serious risk and requires more complex solutions. Gingivitis can often be treated with a teeth cleaning. Speaking of which, our Fort Greene dental care wants you to know that those cleanings are essential for removing unwelcome plaque, tartar, and food particles from between teeth and in gum pockets.

The final two pieces to our Fort Greene dental care are a check of your bite to make sure that your jaws are aligned properly and an oral cancer screening. Early detection is linked to the most favorable outcomes. And we want the best results for you, now and always.

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