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Fort Greene dental fillings

Fort Greene dental fillings

Your family’s teeth need to be kept on a strict regiment of home care in the forms of diligent brushing and flushing and see an oral care professional for regular checkups and cleanings in order to stay healthy. Sometimes, despite our best efforts decay does invade a tooth, when this happens Fort Greene dental fillings are used by our doctors to rid the tooth of decay and protect it from further decay. Our Hanson Place Dental practice is staffed by a team of dental professionals from different dental specialties to provide quality care for all patient needs in one convenient state-of-the-art office.

The most common restorative procedure that our doctors perform is Fort Greene dental fillings. When decay is detected in a patient’s tooth it must be cleared out before it spreads to threatens the whole tooth. Our doctors will drill the decayed portion out of the tooth then fill the cavity. There is more than one type of filling material that our doctors use. The traditional type of filling is called an amalgam, which is an alloy of several different metals, including silver, tin, copper, mercury and other metals. Amalgam has been used by dentists to fill cavities for over 100 years and it is extremely durable and long lasting, which is why it is ideal for use in the back teeth where the chewing pressure is greatest. Some patients are concerned about the presence of mercury in amalgam but over it’s history of use amalgam has been researched thoroughly but no adverse effects of mercury has been found, in combination with the other metals in the amalgam the mercury has been proven safe. However, amalgam often shows through the tooth with a dark shadow.

An alternative to amalgam in Fort Greene dental fillings is the newer composite filling material. Composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz in a resin base. Aside from the absence of mercury or other metals in composite fillings another advantage is that composite fillings can be made to match the color of the tooth. While composite fillings are strong and durable they aren’t as strong as amalgam fillings so they are used for small to moderate restorations generally in the front teeth where the chewing pressure is not as great and tooth color is more noticeable. Because composite fillings can be bonded into place our doctors can make a more conservative restoration and remove less tooth material. Bring your family to our office to help keep their teeth and gums in excellent health.

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