Fort Greene root canal

Fort Greene Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Fort Greene

If you’ve heard that root canal therapy is scary, let us at Hanson Place Dental assure you that if that was true at one time, that was very long ago. You can feel relaxed and at ease because this non-surgical procedure, with the benefit of advanced equipment and techniques, is one that is comfortable. Most patients say that they had very little or even no pain at all during the process. And it’s an essential one, since it is usually the only thing standing between you and losing a valuable tooth.

Our Fort Greene root canal is actually the way to rescue you from pain you’re already feeling due to the infection inside your tooth. This occurs due to a breach in the protective layers of your tooth, which can happen because of a cavity, loose or lost filling, or a chipped or fractured tooth. The most common and noticeable symptom is a toothache, which may being mildly, but can without warning become considerably more severe. Pain is often worse when chewing food or when putting any pressure on the tooth. Other signs include sensitivity to hot and cold, tooth discoloration, and gum tenderness. It is crucial that you do not ignore these symptoms, because the chances for our Fort Greene root canal being successful (about 90%) are affected by waiting and letting the infection grow worse. Be wary of swelling around the tooth, which may indicate an abscess. The root canal is done under local anesthesia, in one or more sessions. When complete, the tooth is permitted time to heal before a crown is cemented to the top of it to restore full size and function.

To schedule an appointment for our Fort Greene root canal, please contact our office right away. As an urgent matter, we make every effort to have you seen quickly.

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