Gowanus teeth whitening

Gowanus Teeth Whitening

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Teeth bleaching in Gowanus

Gowanus teeth whitening
Gowanus teeth whitening

Doing something about the color of your teeth has never been easier. With our Gowanus teeth whitening, you can do it yourself at home, and achieve impressive results in just a few days. Here at Hanson Place Dental, we want you to have the healthiest, strongest, and best-looking teeth possible.

You get started by coming to our office to have impressions taken. Those are sent to the dental lab, where they will create your custom-made whitening trays that fit you comfortable and precisely. Each night for several days, you will wear your tray for two or three hours. The whitening solution will bleach your teeth and change them from stained and discolored to bright and attractive. There are some store-bought products that are used in a similar manner. Why aren’t they considered as good? For one thing, the strength is not like what you can get with our Gowanus teeth whitening. Those items are usually better for maintenance than they are for taking teeth from discolored to white in the first place. And more importantly, many of them contain abrasive ingredients. And that can damage your tooth enamel. In the process of improving your smile, you certainly don’t want to cause damage to the structure of your teeth. With the effects of tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, cola, berries, and other common everyday items working to stain your teeth, it is encouraging to know that you can take advantage of our Gowanus teeth whitening. Even tetracycline, a popular prescription medication, can discolor your teeth. And it’s not the only one. The outcome of whitening lasts a year, and maybe even several years. It depends on how you maintain them.

Why not reach out to us right now and set up an appointment to come in? Soon, you’ll be showing off the new whiter and brighter smile that we helped you to get.

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